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Author: Jannik Beyerstedt
license: GNU GPL v3


This repository also provides a Makefile, but it does not work currently. So the only option to compile and upload is via the Arduino IDE:

  • Install ESP8266 Arduino Board Support from Boards Manager
  • Select you board and upload port
  • Compile and upload. (push the reset button just before the upload starts to wake the chip from deep sleep.)


All configuration is currently done with preprocessor constants in the code itself.

  • NODENAME: User friendly name of the node (used for the influxDB measurements)
  • BOARD: Board type (see line 17 ff.) for the right battery settings
  • DB_HOSTNAME: Host/ domain name of your influxDB (port is fixed to 8086)
  • DB_PASSWD: HTTP BasicAuth string used to sign in

Battery Lifespan

  • ESP12: About 6 months