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Templates for Coding Projects

Author: Jannik Beyerstedt
License: CC BY 4.0

Here goes the general project description in a few sentences. In this case, this repo collects all of the bootstrapping files needed for different programming languages.


Just copy the files, that are needed for your project's toolchain, to your repository.


For all projects use:

  • .editorconfig (VS Code Extension: editorconfig.editorconfig)

For C/C++ use:

  • .clang-format (VS Code Extensions: ms-vscode.cpptools, optionally ms-vscode.cmake-tools, twxs.cmake)

For Python use:

  • .pep8 (VS Code Extensions: ms-python.python. PIP Package: autopep8)
  • pylintrc (VS Code Extensions: ms-python.python. PIP Package: pylint)