Settings from now in own repo (because of sandbox issues with macOS Catalina) Will probably be replaced by PrusaSlicer in the long term.
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My Slic3r Settings

by Jannik Beyerstedt from Hamburg, Germany | Github | Private Git Server
license: CC-BY-SA-4.0

Some of these settings are quite specific to my RepRap Prusa i3 (MK1) printer, because it wasn't built from a standard kit. See my website for a little build blog.


Clone this repository to the settings file directory of Slic3r.

  • macOS: ~/Library/Application Support/Slic3r
  • Linux: TODO
  • Windows: TODO

Previously I cloned the repository to my documents folder and then symlinked ~/Library/Application Support/Slic3r to it. But this does not work any more with macOS Catalina, because the sandbox prevents the slicer to access the user's documents.

Printer Specs

  • Prusa i3, sheet model
    • wodden sheets, watercut. Re-enforced at the top by some piece of wood. X-axis mirrored.
    • NEMA17 stepper motors
    • T2.5 belts, M5 screws as Z-axis spindle
    • mkII heatbed
    • J-Head Hotend for 3 mm filament
    • Greg´s Wade Extruder
    • RAMPS 1.4 electronics with Pololu drivers
    • 200W 12V power supply by meanwell
  • OctoPrint
    • Octolapse plugin for better timelapses (pictures of each layer from the top)