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by Jannik Beyerstedt from Hamburg, Germany
jannikbeyerstedt.de | Github
license: CC-BY-SA-4.0

my "private" settings

These are the settings and tests I use for my reprap prusa i3 build.


  • prusa i3 sheet model
    • wodden sheets, watercut. reenfoced at the top by some piece of wood
    • simple selfmade wooden filament spool holder at the top
    • all metric standards
    • T2.5 belts
  • electronics
    • RAMPS 1.4
    • mkII headbed
    • NEMA17 stepper motors
    • 200W 12V power supply by meanwell
  • extruder/ hotend
    • 3mm filament
    • J-Head
    • Greg´s Wade Extruder
    • Layer fan
  • OctoPrint on Rapberry Pi 2B

location of settings files


  • Slic3r: ~/Library/Application Support/Slic3r
  • printrun: ~/.pronsolerc
  • Slic3r:
  • printrun: